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Sessions announces end of DADA

Fact-checking his statements with Politifact editor

U.S.-Mexican border fence

While it has long been all too common for politicians to use immigration and, more recently, the wall as campaign issues, there is plenty of confusion and misinformation about both.

Trump wants to deport 3 million immigrants

In January the president signed an Executive Order barring federal funds from ‘sanctuary cities’ and beefing up an existing program that allows local law enforcement to be deputized to enforce immigration laws.

Trump addresses Congress
Donald Trump

Spicer says theme will be ‘renewal of the American spirit’

President Trump speaks at CPAC

Hard-line conservatives repeatedly applaud during Trump’s address

Trump supporters
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Demonstrators protest against Trump's refugee ban
Trump speaks to police chiefs

What about the rich Cabinet, voter fraud, the immigration ban?

Mexicans meet separated family members through U.S.-Mexico border fence
Undocumented immigrants
Immigration ban

Trump declares he sticking to campaign pledge

Sanctuary cities
Border wall between U.S. and Mexico