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Ex-FBI Director James Comey testifies
President Trump and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg hold Joint news conference
House votes on GOP health care plan

Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump say it’s a great victory. Other Republicans aren’t so sure.

Top tier Democrats for 2020

The lists of ‘possibles’ and ‘mentionables’ are flourishing in the swamp waters of Washington.

Health care vote

The outcome is about as easy to predict as the November elections.

Trump signs Obamacare directive

What problem does it solve? Who loves it?

President Donald Trump
Trump addresses Congress
Donald Trump

Spicer says theme will be ‘renewal of the American spirit’

Democrats can’t pussy-foot around Trump
The silence of the lambs: Democrats in defeat
Voters on the fence
Election 2016: The final daze
Undecided voters more confused than ever
The next Trump might win if we ignore real political reform

Returning dignity to government is the next reform we need most.