Repost Episode 15: What's Wrong?

It’s a question that never seems to go away or have a clear-cut answer: What’s wrong with Washington?

For an answer – or some answers – we’re turning to former Rep. Lee Hamilton this week. We’re reposting a June 2013 podcast with Hamilton, who, with a resume that includes decades representing Indiana’s 9th District and vice-chair of the 9/11 Commission, knows a thing or two about Washington.

In this episode, Hamilton reads his essay “How Politics Has Changed.” He argues that in the current political climate, it’s much harder to do the basic work of politics, which, according to Hamilton, is finding common ground. You can read the full essay here. Next week, we’ll repost our conversation with Hamilton about the biggest problem he sees in politics today: money.

On another front, stay tuned for the relaunch of DecodeDC in just a few weeks. We’re almost ready with a new logo, a multimedia blog, and a lot more content.

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