Repost Episode 23: Morality 2.0

The Obama administration called for an end Thursday to the National Security Agency's bulk collection of data about phone calls made within the United States. The proposal, which would have to be approved by Congress, stems from the uproar following NSA contractor Edward Snowden's disclosure of details about the federal government's intelligence gathering. 

Disclosures by Snowden and others, such as Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, raise the question of which is worse: breaking the law to leak classified secrets, or keeping quiet about what could be a violation of Americans' constitutional rights?

We've gone back to the DecodeDC archives to re-present Episode 23: Morality 2.0, which tackles this issue, and what we should do about it. Featured is Northwestern Professor Peter Ludlow, who explains a generational rift, and where the country should go from here.

A reminder: We are getting ready to relaunch DecodeDC in the next few weeks. In addition to the podcasts, which will be weekly, we are planning a daily, multimedia DecodeDC blog for all Scripps properties -- and for a national audience. Until then, we'll be reposting some of our favorite and smartest podcasts.

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