DecodeDC has a broad mandate: to help Americans understand how crucial political issues affect everyday life. We do this by using every narrative tool we can – from straightforward analysis to podcasts to interactive graphics to video. We want to be a reliable, honest and, when appropriate, highly entertaining source of insight and explanation of Washington, D.C.'s people, culture, policies and politics, but mostly we want to be useful.  ____________________

About the Founder

Andrea Seabrook is the founder of DecodeDC. Seabrook, who joined Scripps News in the fall of 2013, left NPR in July 2012 where she was a long-time Congressional Correspondent. Seabrook hosted Weekend All Things Considered, was a regular guest host of All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, and Talk of the Nation, and worked with NPR's Planet Money team. 

Seabrook left Scripps News in early June 2015, but DecodeDC continues to adhere to one of her primary goals: provide coverage of Washington’s people, culture, policies and politics that is educative and enjoyable.