Episode 77: Inside House of Cards Part 5

We sit down with creator and show runner Beau Willimon.

We are only hours away from the release of season three of “House of Cards,” the dark, cynical world of Washington politics as ruled by Francis Underwood. It’s a world that series showrunner Beau Willimon is well familiar with.  As a playwright, he tackled similar themes with “Farragut North,” later adapted into the film “Ides of March,” starring George Clooney.  And it’s a world Willimon also has lived as a former campaign staffer during several elections.

In the final installment of our special series of podcasts, “Inside House of Cards,” Willimon tells us that working on the series and working on a campaign are not that different.

“You have a big team of people who are all trying to accomplish the same goal. In the case of the campaign, it’s to get someone elected on a certain date.  On a TV show, it’s to have 13 hours of content produced and ready to be delivered by a certain date and then on that date you see what the world thinks.”

Frank Underwood, a ruthless and conniving congressman maneuvers his way to the Oval Office through all means necessary – regardless of the legality or the body count. But Willimon says it’s not a show about politics.

“What the show is really about is power,” he says.  “It’s about how we navigate power not just in D.C. but with our spouses, our lovers, our friends, our colleagues … and that’s what makes it universal.”

In this final installment of “Inside House of Cards”, go inside the show with the man who invented Frank, Claire, Zoe, Remy and the world they occupy.

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