Episode 70: Can we stop Boko Haram?

We ask if there isn’t more the United States can do.

Crowds in the street chanting, “Bring back our girls!” Images of distraught parents and an outraged community. That’s how most Americans first learned about the terrorist group Boko Haram, which kidnapped 250 school girls from a state run school in Nigeria last April.

In recent weeks, several brutal attacks have brought Boko Haram back into the news, from the all out assault and destruction of a fishing village in northeastern Nigeria that may have left as many as 2,000 dead, to the use of children as young as 10 years old in recent suicide bomb attacks.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who has called Boko Haram “without question one of the most evil and threatening” terrorist organizations on Earth, traveled to Nigeria earlier this week to meet with the two main candidates running in next month’s presidential elections and stress the U.S.’s support for the Nigerian government in combating this terrorist organization.

But when it comes to a group committing acts that are so heinous and with seemingly no limit to what they’re willing to do, isn’t there more the United States can do?

On this week’s podcast, we ask, why don’t we just swoop in and help the good guys in Nigeria? Or simply eliminate these Boko Haram guys?  Why can’t the U.S. and the international community just say: Enough.

The answers we got are stunning and a more than a little eye-opening, because many close to the situation say  they’re not even sure the U.S. can do anything at all.

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