Episode 29: Actress Kathleen Turner says not all politicians are stars

The Golden Globe winner on what makes a good political performance.

Some politicians have it, and some don’t.

That’s what award-winning actress Kathleen Turner says it comes down to: There are politicians with an effective stage presence, and there are those without one. Coaching might help some of them, she says. Others, well, the camera just doesn’t love them.

Last week, DecodeDC asked you to participate in the Academy of Political Performances and pick the best of eight video clips. And the winner is: Sen. Ted Cruz reading “Green Eggs and Ham” on the Senate floor.

This week DecodeDC asked Turner, who has two Golden Globes and starred in “Body Heat,” “Romancing the Stone,” and “Prizzi’s Honor,” to talk about what makes a good political performance. She enthusiastically agreed — and got specific.

Former President Ronald Reagan, he had it: “I’ll tell you, Reagan was good –he was good. He did not overreach himself, you know.”

President Barack Obama has it: “I actually think Obama is terrific. He has an extraordinary blend of intelligence and openness, I mean…accessibility is the word I want.”

But not everybody won her praise. There was a review of how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comes off in front of the camera — or doesn’t come off, and some tough talk about House Speaker John Boehner’s delivery — or lack thereof. And there was more, much more.

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