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March 2017

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 16: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (L) meets with Police Chiefs from major cities of the Chiefs of Police Association, at the Justice Department March 16, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

What happens when local police are empowered as immigration officers?

Trump and Chrisite attend opioid panel discussion

The new administration showed signs this week of struggling for a coordinated solution.

Comey testifies at Russian meddling hearing

That is the question that should be facing Congress and the White House

President Trump
Health care vote

The outcome is about as easy to predict as the November elections.

Comey testifies before the House Intelligence Committee
Comey testifies before House Intelligence Committee

Hearing confirmed FBI is looking into Russian meddling.

Trumpcare vs Obamacare

Americans bemoan health care system constantly, change it rarely

Washington at Constitutional Convention of 1787, signing of U.S. Constitution by Junius Brutus Sterns. (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)

Why George Washington’s farewell warnings for a young American nation are still relevant today.


Above the hyper-politics, traditional American skepticism about health ‘reform’

President Donald Trump
Food safety

There’s more going on in Washington than politicians fighting each other. Some civil servants are busy keeping track of rat hair, bug parts and making sure your chicken gets a bath.

President Donald Trump in the East Room at the White House on Feb. 16, 2017. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Trump did not invent or cause the crisis of trust that has been long in the making