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March 2015

GOP leaders egg on states to ignore federal laws

In the Obama era, it’s become commonplace for state officials to sue the federal government over a whole range of matters, including immigration and the

File photo: A laptop computer (Adam Berry/Getty Images)
‘Religious freedom’ law meets business backlash

As expected, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the hyper-controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed last week by the legislature. It took place at an unusual

Lewinsky talks about our media-soaked lives

Monica Lewinsky might seem an unlikely source of wisdom – yes, wisdom – about contemporary culture, but she is. She recently gave a talk at

The anatomy of a presidential announcement

The horses are out of the gate. With Sen. Ted Cruz’s Liberty University speech, the Texas conservative became the first candidate to officially announce he’s

‘Religious freedom’ bill sets up rights battle

Indiana’s state motto is “The Crossroads of America.”  This week, two important roads in American politics and jurisprudence are crossing in Indiana. One of those

Capitol Hill: Era of show horses vs. workhorses

Strippers who wanted to stand out in the old musical "Gypsy" understood they had to do something more than take their clothes off. "You gotta

Gun debate: Do permits tread on 2nd Amendment?

Gun control is certainly the most divisive and emotional issue that is nearly invisible in presidential and congressional elections.  But on the state level, gun

Cruz preaches to the Tea Party choir

By my count, there were three cowboy hats, two camo outfits and four Rand Paul shirts in the crowd at Liberty University on Monday. But

Justice Ginsburg writes about women of Passover

The Supreme Court justice on the role of woman today.

Why states seek lethal injection backup plans

A bulky wooden chair outfitted with leather straps sits in Huntsville’s Texas Prison Museum, still fully functional, but unused in its faux death chamber. But

Kochs: First it was politics, now March Madness

Your bracket is finalized. You’ve got enough beer and frozen chicken wings to last you through the round of 32. And if you’re feeling particularly

Apple Watch: Nightmare or dream come true?

It will be a cold day in Hades before you catch me strapping on an Apple Watch. The reason is simple: I think the Apple