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January 2015

Decoding the Charlie Hebdo shooting

This post was updated at 12:03 pm 1/9/15 Here is what we know so far. We’ll be updating the information as the situation develops: What

Obama to announce community college initiative

President Barack Obama will propose on Friday that students across the country be eligible for two years of free community college, a move the White

Study: News overrepresents Muslims as terrorists
Satirists respond to Charlie Hebdo attacks

Jon Stewart, Tina Fey and Conan O’Brien speak out against tragedy.

Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr

Americans are swayed by the stories but the data show the bootstrap narrative is not nearly as common as we’d like to believe.

Marijuana reform faces a major roadblock

Riding the tide of overwhelming success in states such as Oregon and Alaska last year, pro cannabis activists are hoping to propel their winning streak

State Dept-funded research seeks perfect rock

The question from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security at the Department of State was simple enough: How big does a rock have to be to

New Congress still lacks diversity

In the early 21st century, about one-fifth of all Americans say they have no religious affiliation and the percentage is growing. In the 114th Congress

Operation American Gridlock: 2015 will be bloody

Surveying the year ahead in politics and government, it strikes me that a military model is the most descriptive device. It might seem that is

Feds step up review of reports of patient harm

Every year, the federal government reviews 100,000 complaints from patients who say they were harmed while receiving medical care. They got surgery they didn't need,