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December 2014

‘Auld Lang Syne’: What’s the origin and meaning?

  Decode DC is taking a diplomatic approach with this week’s Decode Dictionary phrase. Although it isn’t political, the Scottish phrase and song “Auld Lang

OPINION: History will judge Obama fondly

The Ronald Reagan who addressed the nation from the Oval Office on November 13, 1986 was not the Ronald Reagan most Americans now remember. His

Justice named 2014’s ‘Decoder of the Year’

This hasn’t been an easy chore, picking the DecodeDC Decoder of the Year 2014. The criteria are amorphous, but we wanted to honor a public servant who

The 6 best political visualizations this year

They look so easy to create, but visualizing data – turning lots of numbers or bits and pieces of information into something that is both

5 politics novels for the holidays – or any time

Political junkies have been short-changed by American novelists. There are very few serious novels that really grapple with American politics and no great, classic Washington

Ferguson most tweeted about this year

American political insiders and the general population had their mind on different topics this year according to a study that measured tweets over the past

Internet no substitute for getting together

One of the first columns I ever wrote was about pistachios. It was 1999. My grandmother had just died and I had just moved from

Christmas in D.C.: Red ribbons and red tape

The D.C. holiday season is typically filled with members of Congress scurrying to pass legislation in a last-ditch effort before the New Year. But the

FilePhoto: Mario Tama/Getty Images

The team at Politifact joins host Andrea Seabrook to break down the political fibs of the year.

TSA’s naughty list of confiscated items in 2014

Santa doesn't have to do security lines because he never flies commercial.  But most people who take flight wind up in a TSA screening line.

Santa: It’s a matter of what you believe

Finally, data journalism turns its stony heart to something beyond sports and policy: Santa Claus.  The Atlantic has crunched the numbers on belief in Santa

The Supreme Court on June 21, 2012 in Washington, DC. Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images.

The Supreme Court’s missed opportunity to limit chokeholds…in 1976.

The Axis of Evil is losing spokes

What’s next, a deal with Iran? The Axis of Evil is pretty much down to a Spoke of Mischief in the form of that dreaded

Does media saturation warp our sense of reality?

The word “media” is now too small for the enveloping, saturating presence of mediated observation that we all live in today.   Think about two