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November 2014

Boehner on his third lawyer for Obama suit

Should I laugh or should I cry? It’s not just the title of a 1981 song by Abba – it’s how you sometimes feel when

Why don’t judges act when evidence is withheld?

What happens when prosecutors get caught bending the rules? Not much, a new report finds. Researchers in a study produced by the National Association of

Is U.S. rollout of chip and pin technology too little too late?

A more secure credit card technology called chip and pin is slated to roll out next year, but with the holiday season upon us and

Two charts explain why Ebola fears are misplaced

A surgeon died Monday from Ebola after he was flown to Omaha from Sierra Leone for treatment, bringing the number of Ebola deaths in the United States to two. Chances of

Congressman Rush Holt to head AAAS

Rep. Rush Holt, an eight-term New Jersey Democrat whose supporters sometimes boasted “My congressman is a rocket scientist” on campaign bumper stickers, has been named

Obamacare suffers from weak approval numbers

Asking what Americans think about the Affordable Care Act is basically the same as asking what they think of President Obama. The ACA seems to

Study: Energy drinks a health risk for children

Thousands of children younger than 6 have experienced adverse effects after consuming energy drinks, with some suffering serious heart and neurological symptoms, a report out

Yes, Bill Gates thinks about income inequality

Inequality of wealth and income in America is wider than at any point since the Roaring Twenties.  Despite that, it wasn’t a topic of much

Obama’s immigration plan: End of cooperation?

The lame duck has crashed into the rogue elephant.  It isn’t going to be pretty. Clean up on Aisle 1600. The New York Times scooped

Episode 60: Polarized America, how’d we get here?
Study: No trust in government – or each other

“Social capital” is a wonderful concept that became fashionable with Robert Putnam’s 2000 bestseller, “Bowling Alone.” Social capital is just what it sounds like: the

VIDEO: What’s a lame duck?

Quack, quack. Hear that? That’s the sound of the lame-duck session of the 113th Congress convening Wednesday in Washington. The midterm election is over, and

Republicans balk at Obama’s climate initiatives

When it comes to halting climate change, President Barack Obama may have an easier time getting China on board than some of his fellow Americans.

Economic gap: Very, very rich vs. the rest of us

A snapshot of wealth in America circa 2012-13: The 400 households in the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans control 3 percent of total wealth

Opinion: 100 women in Congress isn’t that many

With the swearing in of Alma Adams, D-NC, on November 6, there are now 100 women in Congress. It’s the triple digits, a century club.