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October 2014

Tuesday: GOP favored, but expect extra innings

The battle for control of the Senate is a bit like this year’s World Series between the Giants and the Royals – steady, not glitzy,

What is more divisive, politics or race?

Can it be that political parties are a more divisive force in American life than race? The question seems almost bizarre and the answer seems

Dems’ best friends are cranky, recent polls show

The Republican National Committee is sending around an email with the subject line, “Holes in the Dem Coalition.” It highlights a trio of recent polls

OPINION: This is the Costanza Election

This is at least the third time that a midterm election has been labeled a “Seinfeld Election” – an election about nothing.  The first time

FCC: TerraCom security breach included exposure abroad

The news just got worse for more than 300,000 low income Americans exposed to the risk of identity theft last year when two telecom companies

Experimental drugs on the ballot in Arizona

Terminally-ill patients in Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri and Michigan have had access to experimental drugs not yet approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration

The crime that worries us the most: Getting hacked

Gallup has released its annual poll on the crimes Americans worry about the most. For the first time, being hacked was on the list. And

Three must-reads, beginning with ISIS torture

We know now much more than we ever have about what Western hostages held by ISIS have been through – those that lived – thanks

Parties split on voter ID laws, but what does the research say?

News stories about voter ID laws are the broccoli of campaign coverage. You know you should read them, they are said to be very important

2014 midterms expected to be most expensive ever

The 2014 midterms are expected to be the most expensive in history. That’s right. The price tag will be just shy of $4 billion, according

FCC announces $10 million fine following Scripps investigation

A federal investigation launched when a reporter’s Google search revealed a phone company storing the confidential information of hundreds of thousands of customers on an

A screen grab of a 'Retire Pryor' attack ad.

Who’s behind this season’s nastiest campaign ads?

Gary police will review unsolved murders

Nearly a week after launching an investigation into possible serial killings of women around Gary, Indiana, the city’s police chief says he plans to look

Opinion: Mexican cartels just as brutal as ISIS

U.S. officials have argued that atrocities committed by the militant group ISIS are barbaric and that the group is a threat to the homeland, but

Are contractors a way around ‘no boots on the ground’?

Remember the name Blackwater? The company may no longer exist as it once did but four former employees of the infamous government military contracting company