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September 2014

‘Bearing Witness’ in Ferguson and other reads

New York Times columnist Mark Leibovich has a perfect pitch for the nuances of puffery and blarney in and around politics. In an essay titled

Non-defense spending is dipping

Spending on what used to be thought of as core functions of the federal government continues to shrink. One place where that’s particularly apparent is

Ultimate reform? Keep campaign donations secret

Until breakfast this morning, I thought I knew about all the variations of campaign finance reform. Then I read an op-ed piece in The Washington

Coburn is fed up, wants to change Constitution

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., is fed up with the way the government works — or doesn't work — and he plans to do something about

ISIS org chart reflects corporate hierarchy

If you think of the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) as an unorganized, untrained band of militants roaming through Syria and Iraq and striking

Protesters call for higher minimum wage

Restaurant workers in more than 100 cities nationwide participated in strikes and protests Thursday, demanding a higher minimum wage. The term “minimum wage” may conjure

ISIS: History shows danger of overreaction

On Tuesday, the world learned that the American journalist Steven Sotloff had been beheaded.  It rightly caused international outrage and revulsion. That same day, three

Texas prosecutor on track to head up ICE

Sarah R. Saldaña is poised to become the first Latina to lead a federal agency on the frontline of immigration enforcement. The Texas prosecutor is

Do journalists really want more spin from Obama?

Something is off kilter in the cosmos when the political press corps wants the president to spin them more.  The president is under pundit siege

U.S. Digital Service: Too weak and too late?

A new government office has a lofty goal of bringing clunky government websites up to date with more streamlined 21st century versions, but is it

Best idea ever: Four-day workweek

Labor Day has come and gone. It's the first week of school for many.  Back to work after a summer break for lots of us. 

Pot linked to peaceful homes, fewer overdoses

Marijuana is a hot news topic. There continue to be spin-off stories about legalization in Colorado and Washington and about the growing medical use of

Presidential schmoozing only gets you so far

They’re on the same team. They work only a couple of miles from one another. So you might think that President Barack Obama and congressional

Why Americans join ISIS, and other must-reads

Some things just don’t make any sense, and for a lot of us a young American deciding to fight for ISIS is one of them.