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September 2014

VIDEO: Public reacts to White House security breach

On the Hill Tuesday members of Congress hounded Secret Service officials about the intruder, Omar Gonzalez, who broke into the White House last week and

‘Boots on the ground’: It’s a popular phrase

A regular feature that decodes popular political phrases and words. Where we’re hearing it As U.S. leaders debate how involved the country should get in

Don’t expect Congress to step in against the NFL

You’ve probably heard members of Congress speak out about how the NFL has handled – or mishandled – the Ray Rice domestic-violence incident, but the

Americans grossly underestimate income inequality

I was under the impression that the rising inequality of wealth and income had become a prominent, if not omnipresent issue in America over the

Expect Dems to push through Holder’s replacement

Eric Holder's resignation late last week set off waves of speculation and partisan posturing in Washington. Republicans are warning Democrats not to try and replace

Would you give blood to help your kid at school?

And you thought you loved your child. Devoted parents in faraway China, according to Quartz, are giving their kids a boost up in the educational

The 5 oddest state ballot measures

We all know November 4 marks a big day for candidates vying to take up a seat in Congress’s hallowed halls. The outcome could even

Securing the White House proves challenging

The Secret Service has tightened security around the White House after an Iraq war vet jumped the fence and entered the unlocked front door last

Unholy alliance over oil

Call it an unholy alliance, call it complicated, call it the Middle East – but according to several experts, it appears that ISIS, the Islamic

OPINION: Abolish the Dept. Of Homeland Security

Let’s not pussy foot around: It is time to get rid of the Department of Homeland Security. I am not aware of anyone who has

Bicameral Task Force On Climate Change co-chair Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., speaks during a discussion about climate change with business leaders on Capitol Hill on April 10, 2014.

Waxman was behind two hearings that led to major changes. Now he has decided it is time to leave.

Top tech companies ditch climate denier group

This week, both Google and Facebook announced they were cutting ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council – ALEC. In an interview with NPR's Diane

Is a third political party the answer?

Is three the best number? A majority of Americans think that may be the case when it comes to the U.S.’s political parties. A Gallup

Are the culture wars really over?

America’s late 20th century culture wars commenced with a nearly official declaration. The venue was the Houston Astrodome, the site of the 1992 Republican National

Obama’s coalition: Just political cover?

Five Sunni Arab nations joined the U.S. in the airstrikes against ISIS in Syria: Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  Such