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July 2014

Death penalty slowly losing public support

The perpetual debate over the death penalty is bound to be reheated after the mangled, two-hour long execution in Arizona and the federal court ruling

Death penalty: Can we sanitize executions?

We can send a man to the moon but we can’t complete an execution in less than two hours? I’m sorry if that sounds heartless.

Is tracking your data?

The White House and the NSA have something in common; they both track website user data. But it looks like the folks at the White

Rush Holt speaks during the Safe Drinking Water Act press conference on Capitol Hill on Feb. 17, 2011. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Holt pushes scientific thinking to soon-to-be former colleagues.

Despite claims, most kids don’t skip court date

As child migrants from Central America filter into the immigration court system, some lawmakers have raised an alarm that as many as 90 percent could

Schumer wants to end partisan primaries

New York Senator Charles Schumer has written an op-ed piece for The New York Times with a characteristically humble headline, “End Partisan Primaries, Save America.”

Washington might be the capital of unhappiness

Americans have a special obsession with happiness. It is written into our founding document: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are

Liberals lead the way on Super PAC donations

The award to the political donors with the deepest pockets goes to liberals. So far in 2014 the three largest donors to Super PACs are

Tea party candidate targets Lamar Alexander

The crowd of well-wishers swarms around Sen. Lamar Alexander as soon as he walks through the door. “I haven’t seen you in a hundred years!”

U.S. President Barack Obama is flanked by Lilly Ledbetter (L) and other women while signing an executive order banning federal contractors from retaliating against employees during an event in the East Room of the White House in honor of 'Equal Pay Day' on April 8, 2014 in Washington, DC. President Obama announced that his administration will strengthen enforcement of equal pay laws for women.

What are executive orders for and what can the president do with them? What’s considered out-of-bounds? Most importantly, why should we care?

Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill on March 3, 2010. in Washington, DC.

The Virginia congressman can’t take it anymore.

Obama wants flexibility to send kids back home

Will he or won’t he – that seems to be the question surrounding President Barack Obama’s visit to Texas on Wednesday and Thursday. Will he

‘Narrow’ Hobby Lobby decision getting wide fast

The Five Catholic Men who decided the Hobby Lobby case in the Supreme Court assured the country theirs was a “narrow” ruling, one that would

Marijuana growers aim to patent their products

There’s money – legal money — to be made in marijuana. And while that pleases growers, it also concerns them. The marijuana business is poised to

Did Cuban spies target Sen. Robert Menendez?

You may recall that back in November 2012, a right-wing semi-news site, the Daily Caller, tried and failed to tie New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez,