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June 2014

Democrats quick to dance on Eric Cantor’s grave

The House Majority Leader formerly known as Eric Cantor had not even been lowered into his political grave when the orgy of unabashed schadenfreude broke

Active shootings on pace to rise in 2014

Our newsfeed is filled again today with details of another deadly shooting. This time, at a high school near Portland, Oregon.  This follows a spate

Weekend stories: Three you don’t want to miss

By far the best bit of media I stumbled upon over the weekend was a short film called Look Up (five minutes, so do watch

American politics a game of dynasties?

I am ready to make my 2016 prediction: Hillary versus Jeb – no idea who wins the general. I have not a shred of insider

Gender wage gap debate: Focus is statistics

Here’s another topic that the political parties can’t agree on: the truth behind the gender wage gap. Every year the debate becomes fodder for politicians

Obamacare polls: Wording makes a difference

Wording is everything, and apparently that especially holds true when measuring the public’s opinion of the Affordable Care Act. A Washington Post article Monday concludes

Earmarks 2.0: A new way to bust the budget

A great get by Christian Davenport of The Washington Post exposes just how hard Congress works – to throw sand into the gears of efficient

Rove tries to make Hillary’s health an issue

The New York Post’s Page Six reported Monday that Republican operative Karl Rove told a Los Angeles audience last week that Hillary Clinton might have

Should doctors help executioners?

Here’s an interesting chart that compares the training necessary to become an executioner versus the training an anesthesiologist requires.       Now, it is

Benghazi: What kind of scandal is it?

We are suffering from scandal inflation. We are calling things scandals that are not. We are bringing the investigative zeal appropriate to real scandals down

Imperial president decoded

A regular feature that decodes popular political phrases and words. It sounds like a phrase describing the leader of Syria or Venezuela – countries that

Bill: No tax dollars for first-class tickets

We’ve been tracking the use and abuse of first- and business-class travel by federal workers. Our reporting turned up some pretty pricey tickets purchased by

Inequality: The 1% vs. the 2% vs. the .01%

If you think you’ve noticed a lot of talk about inequality of wealth and income lately, you’re absolutely right. Especially if you read The New

Women CEOs forced out more than men

The sacking of Jill Abramson as editor of The New York Times has brought attention to a recent study by Strategy&, the mongo-consulting firm formerly known as Booz & Company. The study

Are hashtags ‘slacktivism’ or activism?

If you hashtag something, does it matter? That’s become a big debate following the recent introduction of the #bringbackourgirls Twitter campaign. Designed to spread awareness