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June 2014

Obama goes it alone with marine water proposal

President Obama announced a new executive order to expand protected marine waters Tuesday, making it the second executive order this week. Following Monday's announcement that

The sad history & death of campaign finance laws

One of my favorite lines about politics came from the Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1984. He had crossed the Capitol and was talking to

Arlington base drops the ball on veteran service

The base where the Bakers Creek Memorial sits has a long tradition of honoring the nation’s fallen heroes in Arlington Cemetery. The memorial is devoted to

Alaska bars hand out pregnancy tests with drinks

Should I laugh or should I cry? It’s not just the title of a 1981 song by Abba – it’s how you sometimes feel when

Tea Party challenges GOP hegemony in Mississippi

It's not a surprise Haley Barbour is the most popular modern Mississippi politician in recent memory. His portly stature and marble-mouthed drawl were already something out of

Four longreads to catch up on

The big news is coming from abroad right now and there is an abundance of good reading.  War reporter Dexter Filkins has a clear analysis

U.S. drone users choose to fly illegally

Japan uses drones to water crops, Germany uses them to stop graffiti artists and in France they are used to film music videos. Within the

Every single Republican in Congress is Christian

With the quick embalming of Eric Cantor, a Jew, the House Republican Caucus has lost its one and only non- Christian member. Every Republican Senator

President Barack Obama makes a statement on the situation in Iraq June 13, 2014 on the south lawn of the White House in Washington, DC. Obama said he will make a decision in the 'days ahead' about the use of American military power to aid the Iraqi government in its battle against Islamic insurgents. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Academics tackle Congress’ polarization problem

The United States Congress hasn’t been this polarized since the North and South faced off against each other in the Civil War, and it won’t

New gun control bills have little support

Democratic legislators interested in addressing gun violence are trying out a new tactic, focusing on keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

Tea Party’s next target? Sen. Lamar Alexander

Steve Osborn thinks there are a lot of messages to be found in House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat by a tea party challenger

Obama: Biggest frustration is gun violence

President Obama yesterday had some interesting things to say about the causes of roughly 11,00 deaths a year in America, though it was buried in

Students rate two profs vying for Cantor seat

In a stunner Tuesday night, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Virginia seat to a relatively unknown Republican tea party candidate, David Brat. And