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June 2014

Hobby Lobby: Narrow ruling with broad impact

The Supreme Court majority ruled Monday that closely held corporations do not have to obey the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act if it

Three articles you shouldn’t miss

The New Republic published a piece by Columbia University political philosopher Mark Lilla I thought ought to have a long shelf life. Entitled “The Truth

Retail politics: The art of selling yourself

Successful politicians have to know how to sell themselves up close and personal – even door to door. They might not realize it, but they’re

Message to soccer humbugs: Kick-off

Wouldn’t it be fun to sic Luis Suarez on Ann Coulter? Luis Suarez is the Uruguayan striker-vampire just banned from international soccer for four months

Lamar Alexander ready for tea party challenge

For all its bluster about taking back the government, the tea party movement hasn’t had a good track record this year of knocking off incumbents

Episode 40: Federal agencies struggle to combat cyberattacks

U.S. government faces massive uptick in cybersecurity breaches.

Executive power plays: Lawsuits, recess & judges

“So sue me,” the President said in the State of the Union address when he announced he would be using the executive powers of the

1 in 3 Americans: First Amendment goes too far

Should I laugh or should I cry? It’s not just the title of a 1981 song by Abba – it’s how you sometimes feel when

Study finds gunshots kill two kids each week

There’s not much talk in Washington these days about gun control. The recent shootings in Santa Barbara, Calif., generated a little chatter that soon faded,

Democrats wary about running on Obamacare

More than 8 million people have signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act – a whopping 1 million more than expected. And new

The Age of Disgruntlement, according to polls

The portrait of the electorate painted by recent polling puts a new grunt in disgruntled. A synthesis of three national polls out on this month

New study says voting influenced by biology

Turns out there’s a voting hormone. Who knew? You probably thought voting behavior is driven by social or demographic variables. And those certainly play a

Will tea party knock off Cochran today?

Can a tea party candidate knock off a big name again? House Majority Leader Eric Cantor went down in a surprise defeat earlier this month

Bipartisan does not mean bold

The Bipartisan Policy Center is one of our most distinguished political think tanks and the pondering perch for many former members of Congress.  They’ve released

Hobby Lobby case: Law is complex, issues clear

Later this week or early next week, the Supreme Court will decide Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, the most watched-case on its docket this term.  The