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May 2014

Decode Diction: Breaking down Washington lingo

Let’s play a guessing game. I’m looking for a word. It’s thrown around pretty frequently in Washington, D.C., as both an insult and a badge

Laugh or cry? Monica is back in the news

Should I laugh or should I cry? It’s not just the title of a 1981 song by Abba – it’s how you sometimes feel when

Congress not cool with states’ pot party

In two states, you can legally smoke a joint for no other reason than you just want to get high. In 21 states, you can

What kind of wonk are you?

Do you stay up at night thinking about numbers, freak out when legislation is passed and only talk shop when you’re at happy hours? Then

New rules aimed at trains carrying crude safer

You might have missed it in the midst of the ongoing debate about the Keystone Pipeline, but the Department of Transportation announced new safety regulations

Hollywood imagines the governments of the future

This week's podcast explores the idea of what our government will look like decades from now. How will technology affect the way we come together

Episode 33: Future Congress

Is the ‘Great American Experiment’ over?

Gallup poll shows Tea Party tanking

Gallup is out with a very interesting poll Thursday that looks at how the Tea Party movement is perceived: “The number of Tea Party supporters

Why now? Benghazi is back in the news

The phrase “Benghazi is making headlines yet again” has an awfully familiar ring to it. Investigations into the deadly Sept. 11, 2012, assault on the

The fight over unwanted war machines

President Obama recently set goals to decrease America's military might back to pre-World War II levels. To get there, the Pentagon is proposing $45 billion

What to know about White House climate report

President Barack Obama has some tough choices to make about energy and the environment and he’ll likely use Tuesday's new climate report to make some

Tennessee state senator: No apology

This morning, we posted an essay on the DecodeDC blog about shut-up culture and the ways social media enables (and encourages) people to demonize and

VIDEO: Is the crisis in Ukraine a new Cold War?

Upheaval in the Ukraine and Crimea has spawned a good deal of punditry wondering if the world is facing a new Cold War. But the

Politics in age of social media: Just shut up

Let’s get one thing straight: If you don’t agree with this, you can just shut up. That impulse – to belligerently shut down and demonize

Maybe Americans are not really divided

If there is one grand theory about American politics that is shared as gospel by the news media, it is that America is polarized –