Episode 181: How cops can legally take your car, home, or cash

Decoding the debate around civil asset forfeiture.

When Tien Nguyen stopped at a rest area in Kansas, he didn’t expect to have his car searched by the highway patrol – and when they took $40,000 he had in cash and sent him on his way, he was furious. But he was astounded when he learned that it was all completely legal.

It’s a practice called civil asset forfeiture, and in this week’s episode, we hear about how Tien has to go to court to get his money back. We also talk to his lawyer, who wants the system changed completely, and we hear from someone who uses the practice all the time in his job.

(Correction: A previous version of this episode incorrectly stated that Tien Nguyen is an American citizen. He is a permanent resident.)

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