Episode 116: A Bad Case of Electoralitis

Is the American election process sick?

Most Americans would agree there are some flaws in the U.S. election system. There are the debates without substance, attack ads, and the candidates whose campaigns verge on the comical. And we’re speaking from experience—prospective voters have already endured months of presidential campaigning, and there’s almost a year more to look forward to.

But Dr. Anthony King, a British professor of comparative government and author of Running Scared: Why America’s Politicians Campaign Too Much and Govern Too Little, has a different diagnosis for the American political process. He thinks that the real problem has to do with the long months of campaigning, as well as the sheer number of campaigns.

This week on DecodeDC, Dick Meyer and Dr. King discuss American elections and how they’re viewed abroad. They also question some of the fundamental assumptions we make about what an election is supposed to look like and how long it should last.

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