Episode 112: GOP Family Feud

Decoding the Freedom Caucus: Who are they, what do they want and how does the rest of the GOP, including new Speaker Paul Ryan, plan to deal with them?

Things are pretty weird in the House of Representatives right now.  Paul Ryan was just chosen to be the next speaker of the House, a position he never wanted, after a fractured Republican Party united behind him.

Republicans have the largest majority of seats in the House since 1920, so it should be a golden time to move their agenda forward. Instead, it’s been pretty miserable. Lots of fingers are pointing to the Freedom Caucus, a group of about 40 of the most conservative members of the House.

This week on the podcast, we decode the Freedom Caucus — who they are, what they want and how the rest of the Republican conference, including newly elected Speaker Paul Ryan, plans to deal with them.

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